Protected: [OPBTC] 01 Wrong decision (ENGLISH)

I am the first hacker prosecuted in prison in Uruguay for a computer crime. Prosecuted for an alleged crime I never committed. A crime that probably happened. Irregularities, illegalities, solutions based on ridiculous arguments were and part of the process without guarantees. Incompetence, ignorance and arrogance describe those who participated in the investigation (see the chapter "Satoshi Nakamoto is Uruguayan!). They were the ones who fulfilled the role of "experts" in charge of advising the justice system on the technical part of the case and lacked the basic and minimum knowledge to fulfill this role, so I was the victim of the bad advice provided by these people to the judicial actors. Inevitably, bad advice results in bad resolutions. Above all, my story is not a story on computer issues, it is the story of a human being who was destroyed in a wicked and unfair way by a situation that for different reasons took a totally excessive magnitude and in my opinion should never have happened. There are many, many events, elements and situations linked to the case for which I have no answer to the question of "why they happened?" It is a story that most of the hundreds of thousands of people heard around the world, qualify as "sad". And I agree, it is an incredibly sad story and as time goes by, I find it even sadder than I initially felt. By writing this book and reliving what I have lived, it also makes me see how sad the story I had to live. Whenever I have the opportunity, I talk about my case, by whatever means. I think it is fundamental to create awareness of the root cause of what we have lived. The root cause is described with these words: Uruguay, Computer Crime, Incompetence. And perhaps the last word is, sadly, "disinterest." I would like that those who read this book to send me their comments on the story. I did not use a "Ghost Writer" for this job. This is the first time I write a book, but I hope I am not the only one, that I write a book, so I would also appreciate comments about (writing, structure, etc.). I do my best to respond to everyone who takes the time to contact me with beautiful messages of support. The messages that touches my heart the most are those that tell me that my story is incredible, admirable, and inspiring. The first message in which they told me that my story is inspiring, I was surprised and for an instant I thought: “if what I lived served to inspire at least one person in the world, then perhaps the cost that this had for me , it was worth it". But not everything is negative, there are events that, although they are extreme, are also funny and show another side of what it means to be deprived of freedom (see chapter "Dead, Handcuffed, Prisoner and in Burger King"). I would like to get my life back, but that is not possible, what is lost is lost. My ultimate goal of all this has nothing to do with me, what I seek is to achieve a change, an improvement in all the elements that clearly malfunction and avoid someone else having to go through what I go through. Alberto Daniel Hill Junio 2020  

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