S01E01 (ENGLISH) Darknetdiaries ep. 25 “Alberto”

S01E01 (ENGLISH) Darknetdiaries ep. 25 “Alberto”

S01E01 (ENGLISH) Darknetdiaries ep. 25 “Alberto”


Feb 2017, a medical provider in Uruguay got hacked. The attacker stole a bunch of patient records and then used that to conduct extortion on the provider.  The medical provider worked with the police to catch and arrest Alberto Hill, a 41 year old Uruguayan. Alberto had a ton of hacker paraphernalia and electronic devices at his house. 

I am Alberto Daniel Hill, and I did NOT commit any crime.  This is my website, this is my story as featured on @DarknetDiaries

In September 2017, my life suffers a shocking, unexpected and crazy change. An event that would make my life never be the same again. My life was forced to change its path.

My story, my life.

1st HACKER in #URUGUAY who served time in #PRISON-My Gov.FEARS ME-My wicked story http://darknetdiaries.com/episode/25 






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